"How can someone with all these factors working against them fulfill their purpose? But see, when your vision is bigger than your circumstances, that’s when power exudes."


Malika Grace is an entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist, a faith-based writer, and a woman of God. A California native, now currently residing in Dallas, TX, she has turned her past struggles to her current triumphs. She is a self-taught web developer and graphic designer at age 12. She started her career in digital media by designing fan pages for her favorite artists. (Read More)


We are told to find our purpose. Yet it’s not simply enough to just find it, you must live it. Breathe it. Shout it. Write about it. Speak it. Purpose defines who we are. So why would we allow someone else to tell us what our purpose​ is? Why would we allow someone to define who we are?​

Draped In Pearls Creative Agency is a full-service boutique creative agency that specializes in web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and social media management. Our mission is to provide exceptional and creative marketing services that build, grow, and evolve brands. (Learn More)

LUXURY IS IN THE DETAIL. DakorBox is the trendsetting Interior Styling divison of Malika Grace Enterprises. Offering styling for home, business, real estate staging, personal shopping, and design consultations. So whether you just purchased a new home, selling one, or looking to freshen things up a bit, we have your solution. Let’s make your own space...together. (Learn More)

Imani Grace Beauty is your go-to for the latest in beauty trends. Home to Graceful Lashes, the luxurious 100% 3D Mink Lash line. With over 20+ uses, our Mink Lashes range from everyday beauties to red carpet showstoppers. (Learn More)


What often connects us is our story. The beauty of the path we each walk is that it is ours. Every twist, turn, up, and down has molded us into the people we are today and who we are destined to become. My eBook series is meant to empower women by sharing my adversity, lessons, hurt, and joy. (Coming Soon)


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